Various Artist - Come Back To Me (電視劇《末日+5》插曲)【Guitar Chord譜】

曲:待查 詞:待查 Key:A 4/4


|F#m           |D   |A            |E/G#
 ( )I See Your Face In The Mir( )ror ( )I Guess Your Shadow Still Lin( )gers
|F#m             |D  |A            |E/G#
 ( )Your Jacket Hangs In The Clos( )et ( )I Don't Have Strength To Re( )move It

   |F#m          |D                |A
Cos My Heart Was In Your Hands Fin-gers Clamping Down No Turning Back
My Heart Eat-en
    |F#m            |D             |A
We Were Right There Hands Entwined One Last Step To Lover On The Line
Cannot Sur-vive

|D  E    |F#m      |D  E    |F#m
Come Back To Me  ( )(O-O-Oh)Come Back To Me  ( )(O-O-Oh)
|D  E    |F#m      |D  E     |A
Come Back To Me  ( )(O-O-Oh)Come Back To Me  ( )

|F#m             |D  |A            |E/G#
 ( )I Hear Your Voice In The Hall( )way ( )My Loneliness Sees A New( )Day
|F#m            |D  |A               |E/G#
 ( )Your Side Of The Bed Is Emp( )ty ( )Your Sadness Stays It Still Haunts( )Me

Repeat B / Chorus

|D              |E
( )The World It Spins All Around ( )Somehow I Keep Looking Down
|F#m            |A
 ( )I Lost It All Those So Quick( )ly
|D                   |E
 ( )And Tears That Cheats You The Cause ( )If Only I Could Go Back
|F#m             |A
 ( )All I Want Take You Back With( )Me

Repeat Chorus